Friday, October 22, 2021



I just had a very bad experience with Starbucks which really ruined my day. It was so tiring and now is 12.15 am but I am still writing this because I was extremely upset with the Starbucks service.

I was on the way back to Nilai from Wangsa Maju and I stopped by at Starbucks Drive Thru Petronas Solaris today, 22 Oct 2021 at around 10.15pm. It was a tiring and long day so I stopped by at SB DT there to get a drink to refresh myself I was very tired and quite sleepy. The queue was so long. It took me almost 25 mins to reach SB DT Terminal . When I opened my car windows to order, there was nobody greeted me. The LCD screen at the terminal was also completely white. I waited there and choosing drink on the poster but still no one attended to me.

I thought the terminal was malfunction so I need to order in front as how McD always practice. It took me another 20 mins to reach the cashier counter.

The lady there said ONLY ONE DRINK right? No greeting nothing.

I said "I haven't order yet. I thought I need to order from here".

She said "No. You need to order at the order terminal. My friend already called you when you passed the terminal. By right you should reverse back to the terminal and make order from there. We have record in the CCTV to prove it".

I said "I didn't hear it and if I hear it how could I reverse my car, there were a lot of cars behind me."

She simply said "Sorry Bang, you need to return back and start the queue again".

What she think I am? I was extremely tired. Just for a cup of coffee she treated me like that. It is just less than 5 mins to prepare a coffee rather than to ask me to make another round and queue again for another 20-40 mins. I was a professional Barista 20 years ago and I know how long to brew an espresso, put in the to go cup, milk and ice cube. It is a very fast job.

That was a lazy excuse. She didn't even ask me what type of drink I want to order to take help me. If this thing happen, Starbucks should know what is the corrective measures. If she said her friend already notice that and called me via speaker and I did not listen to it, he should not just let me go. This is not the first day Starbucks running a business and a drive thru business. You must have a system.

This is so bad. Extremely bad. You guys can check CCTV as per her claim. My car is a red colour BMW 3 Series with car plate WMX320. Timing between 10.10 - 10.45 pm, 22 Oct 2021. I need a reply whether this is a standard practice by Starbucks Malaysia to order customer to go back into the queue as per her instruction to me.

Thank you


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